SeoPoz Updates – 2019 September

This month we launched some awesome updates on SeoPoz’s platform. Let’s see what’s new.

First of all, we updated our Keywords section, now you can select your favorite keywords and generate reports for it. Let’s see how to set up it.

  1. You need to select your favorite keywords.
  2. You can get all your favorite keywords by clicking on a top Favorites filter button.
  3. You can see a daily report of your selected keywords in the Favorite Keywords Report.

Favorite Keywords Report gives you a daily overview of your selected keywords. The main difference in this report is that you can see what exactly position was on a specified date and how position changed during a week and month.

Also, we added some new data to keyword overview popup. We added clicks, impressions and CTR metrics. Now you can view longer history of keyword rankings, but longer history you can see only with Standard and Premium subscribed plans.

We are continuing to remake our Reports section. The second new report this month is the Weekly All Websites Overview Report.

In this report, you can track all your websites performance in one place week by week. You can see average position, clicks and impressions during a week and how it changed comparing with previous week. If you have many websites this report is the top time saving and makes you well informed about all your SEO activity. Be sure to add all your websites in Websites Manager.

And finally, we added 2 new dashboards in Website Overview:

  1. Top Keywords by Search Volume.
  2. Top Keywords by Average position.

Let’s try these new reports and dashboards in your working environment and write us your feedback.

Also, stay tuned, we are working on many new updates now and great features will come next month too.

That’s all for September. If you have any question please ask it in a comments section below or write a question in Customer Support.

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