What Is an SEO Dashboard?

The SEO Dashboard is a small-scale analytics report that provides quick insights into what’s currently going on with your website. The dashboard consists of widgets that display excerpts from the most valuable metrics in the SEO world, such as impressions, clicks and bounce rates.

Successful SEO campaigns require a lot of hard work, and it can be tough to know if you're doing well. Our dashboard tracks many important SEO KPIs so that your focus stays on the metrics that matter most - conversions and rank changes for example!

SEO Dashboard

SEO Ranking Report

Why You Need One

Have you ever been frustrated with manually checking in on each KPI for your campaign? With a comprehensive dashboard, it is easier to see where there are issues and how they can be solved. The SEO rank changes, conversions and link building metrics all show up so that the user doesn't have to look at everything one-by-one.

SEO Metrics You Need To Track

These are metrics that give you an overall view of how your efforts are paying off.

Organic Website Traffic Organic Website Traffic

The ultimate goal of any SEO campaign is to get your website more visitors. Organic traffic, which are the people who come from search engines, comprise a large part in all metrics used for measuring success.

Impressions & CTR Impressions & CTR

Click Through Rate is another very important SEO metric. When people see your website in Google results and click on it, this shows how often they end up there.

Keyword Rankings Keyword Rankings

You might not be able to rely on tracking keyword rankings as the only measure of success, but it’s still a good indicator that your strategy is starting to pay off.

Backlinks & Referring Domains Backlinks & Referring Domains

One of the most important SEO metrics is determined by backlinks and referring domains. Backlinks are links from outside webpages that point to pages on your domain; essentially linking back from their webpage to yours.

Engagement Metrics Engagement Metrics

A page with the highest bounce rate is also a site that has the lowest chance of converting - so if you want more conversions on your website, make sure your users are engaging!

Conversions (Sales and Leads) Conversions (Sales and Leads)

After all, an increase in organic conversions can be a clear indication of the success that you've worked hard towards.

See how these metrics are shaping up in SeoPoz dashboards

Daily Clicks and Impressions

This dashboard tells you how your SEO is going. You can see the daily visits from Google search engine, as well as a number of times that this web page has been listed on a Google results page.

The goal of any SEO strategy is to drive as much traffic possible from search engines, and a good strategy does this without customers feeling like they are being advertised to. You can see how many sessions were initiated by searching for your clients on Google or Bing with the help of an easy-to-use dashboard in which you can digest all necessary information at once.

SEO Tactics

SEO Ranking

Top 5 Regions Dashboard

Top 5 Regions and Countries: View the top five countries performing best on your website with this dashboard. You can see Clicks, Impressions, Average Position, Click Through Rate, and Top Keywords of each region accordingly.

Your SEO dashboard is your window into the pulse of your client’s website. You can track any changes in their ranking across different countries and regions, so you'll always be able to tell them how they're doing and what could help improve it!

Top 10 Keywords Dashboard

This dashboard provides you with the top 10 keywords that generate traffic to your website. Every keyword is compared against the previous time period so you can easily see how it has performed during last week and month, as well as compare which words are more effective than others for generating contacts.

Top Landing Pages


Top 5 Landing Pages

When it comes to digital marketing, the landing pages are the most important as they help to drive the conversion rates. SeoPoz helps you build to identify which landing pages drive the maximum amount of organic traffic and perform well in the SERPs. The effective landing page optimization can help to attract more organic traffic and potential customers who are genuinely interested in buying products and services from the client's website. It also helps to find out which strategies are most effective, and you can help the client build the page accordingly.

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