What is an SEO dashboard?

SEO Dashboard Overview

A good SEO dashboard will supercharge content marketing teams, ensuring that they are taking advantage of every opportunity to perform well in search engines. Our customers are businesses that survive based on their performance in SEO and we’ve compiled this list of dashboard functionality and best practices into a single article you can share with your teammates.

The SEO Dashboard is an important part of any online marketer’s arsenal. SEO or search traffic is that is essentially a harvesting of existing customer demand for what you have to sell. Therefore, it is something that almost every business needs to do well. There are many factors that go into a successful SEO strategy. A good SEO dashboard will encapsulate many, if not most, of these concepts into a single source of information of your team.

What is an SEO dashboard?

At a minimum, it will do the following:

  1. Tell you what your customers or potential customers are searching for online
  2. Spy on your competitors’ websites and content so you can outperform them
  3. Track your existing traffic across all traffic channels, such as organic search (SEO), paid ads, email, direct, social, and more
  4. Show you how you rank in the search engines and provide prioritization for improving your rankings on the keywords that matter most to your business.
  5. Show how many and what type of other websites link back to both your website and your competitor’s websites
  6. Help you forecast how much traffic you can drive to your site by creating targeted content for keywords that matter to you
  7. Reveal your best and worst performing content so you can make improvements and celebrate wins

There many more things that companies should pay attention to when building SEO campaigns but the above serves as a good list of minimum things that should exist in your SEO dashboard.

Why use SEO-specific platforms such as SeoPoz?

There are many options, of course, so you should do your research. If you’re just getting started, you should start understanding the data that can be found in Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console. These are two, great, free tools that you should use and understand in order to build up your insights. Once you have set up both of these tools, SeoPoz can easily pull in both Google Analytics and Search Console Data as data sources to help you build out your dashboard.

Your dashboard home page provides both high-level information for quick overviews, as well as deeper insights through interactive charts and tables. Your dashboard home page has filters that will allow you to customize your data to ensure you’re getting the views you need for your brand, team, or reporting.